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About Pavati Australia

Located in Perth, our love of the lakes, rivers, the ocean and all watersports in general, we sought out to find the most innovative wake boat available with everything that we ourselves wanted in a wake boat…and Pavati was it! Wakeboards for Sale & Wet Sounds Out of that, Pavati Australia was born.

Our Mission

Passionately committed to providing quality personalized sales & service to our customers. We are committed to establishing long lasting relationships with both our customers and vendors. We do this by establishing an honest relationship with our customers and then providing only the highest quality service no matter what the job entails.

Pavati AL-Series Wake Boarding Boats

The first 100% aluminum wake boarding boat on the market

Aluminum is one of only 117 pure elements on earth. Of all the substances known to man, only these elements will last forever. Other substances, like fiberglass and plastic, are simple composites of other various chemicals. That means more harm to the environment, and more weaknesses in the material. But most importantly, it means that it won’t last. Pavati wake boats, like their parent company Highway Products and sister company Pavati Marine, are built from raw, natural aluminum. That means they’ll never break down, rot, rust, or emit harmful fumes. Pavati boats are built to last forever.

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