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The Slingshot Wakefoiler is the first production stand up hydrofoil board designed exclusively for riding behind boats / PWC’s / and anything else that can tow you across the water. With a beginner and advanced mast length learning has never been safer / easier.



Wakeboards For Sale Australia

You may be a seasoned professional or simply looking for a wakeboard for sale for a weekend on the water, then look no further. You’re sure to find the best range of wakeboards at the best prices. You will find great deals on cheap wakeboards Australia, for both the casual user and the experienced professional. We are one of the leading wakeboard shops online and operating in Australia, with a wide range of wakeboards available.

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Interested in Slingshot Sports?

Slingshot Wake Boards are one of the best wakeboards available on the market. Whether you’re looking for Slingshot boards, boots, wakesurfers, remote wakeskates or accessories and bags, we have a wide range of Slingshot products available.

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We stock a range of different Slingshot wakeboards including:

  • Response
  • Shredtown
  • Super Grom
  • Terrain
  • Whip
  • Windsor
  • Nomad
  • Oli
  • Pearl
  • Pill
  • Recoil
  • Reflex

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How to purchase the right wakeboard

If you’re looking to buy a new wakeboard, there are a few things to consider before making your final purchase. Before you buy, consider that there are three types/categories of wakeboard; Cable, Boat and Cable/Boat crossover boards.

The first thing to decide then is what you will be using the board for and on what terrain. Cable boards will have a flatter surface area with very few to no channels. This is to help reduce friction on obstacles and they have a thinner profile. Boat boards have a slightly thicker profile with more channels for a smoother and direct ride. Most boat boards will be made from a foam core with a lightweight design in mind.

One of the other things to consider is the experience level of the rider. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a completely new wakeboarder, there will be a wakeboard for your needs. If you’re not sure about which wakeboard will be the best for your needs, contact us today to help you make the right choice.

Slingshot Wakeboards

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Looking for a New Marine Stereo system?

Whether you’re looking for new boat speakers, a whole new marine stereo system or wakeboard tower speakers, you can find all you need at Pavati.

If you’re looking for the best marine speakers or an upgraded marine stereo package, here at Pavati we only stock the best. Wet Sounds Australia are your premium speaker supplier, with a range of different Wet Sounds Tower Speakers available from the ICON Series, PRO Series and REV Series. Wetsound also supply coaxial speakers, subwoofers and amps, which are all available at our store. We even have accessories and LED high performance lighting to really add some interest to your new marine stereo system.

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5 Tips for Choosing Your New Marine Stereo System

It doesn’t have to be too hard to get yourself some new marine speakers. Some simple steps to choosing your new speakers are:

  1. Don’t buy speakers that are labelled as “marinized”. This suggests the speakers are made for automotive reasons, but spray-coated to be used on boats. This usually means they won’t last long around the water.
  2. Look for IPX ratings. Stereos with an IPX rating of at least 6 is a definite necessity. If you have an IPX rating of 7, that is even better.
  3. Install a subwoofer. Acoustics on a boat are never great, so to boost your sound, a subwoofer is the best choice. The Wetsounds XXX V2 is the best choice. But, for the budget conscious, the XS-10 FA-S4 subwoofer will also get your beats going when you’re on the water.
  4. Don’t use regular speaker wires. When installing a new marine speaker system on your boat, using regular speaker wires will corrode in no time. Marine wires are your best bet to having a system that lasts as long as possible.
  5. Double your watts. If you feel like the watts are powerful on land, then you’ll want twice as many watts when you’re on a boat on the open water.

There are a few things to consider when buying marine speakers. Our range of Wet Sounds speakers and subwoofers will be suitable to use on your boat, whether you’re out every weekend or only every so often. If you need any help to decide on the right speakers for your boat, contact us today.

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All your marine equipment and gear – All in the one place

Finding all of your marine gear and equipment couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re looking for a new wakeboard or WetSounds for sale, take a look at our large range of pieces available to purchase online.

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Need help to choose the right boots?

Boots will vary greatly in design, but knowing which boots are the best to choose can be difficult. Depending on your experience level, a different style and design will be required.

For the beginner, an open toe boot is the best option. Having an open-toe boot can give the user flexibility and freedom whilst wakeboarding. This adds comfort without preventing the support levels for the user. If you’re an experienced user, a closed toe boot, specific to your size, will add a few more features for the user to help increase the control within the ride.

For Cable Park wakeboarding, if you want even more freedom and have a two piece boot, a system boot and bindings will be a good option. The system boot allows for a quick and efficient lock in system while wearing the boots, as well as being able to use them when walking.

No matter what skill level you are, there are boots to suit your needs. Contact us today if you need any assistance, or check out our store to see our range of boots.


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Pavati Pro Store